Projects and Accomplishments

A Photo Album

NCA Continues its important work. Check back often for more photos in the days to come.
Keep your eyes on the Alfredo Taylor Railroad Gate adjacent to the library as it undergoes a restoration by expert stone mason Karl Munson. Notice how he is meticulously working to bring the structure back to its original glory.

The upside of lots of rain is that Norfolk’s flowers are thriving!

NCA commissioned local artist, Jon Riedeman, to create the first sculpture for its public sculpture project.
Norfolk Community Association’s new  plantings welcome everyone to experience Fall in Norfolk!

Notice something new when you’re leaving town? The NCA in collaboration with artist John Johnson wants everyone to “Come Back Soon!”

A view of the crowds admiring the restoration work at the fountain rededication event.

The Battell Fountain Completed.​

From every angle, Battell Fountain delights!​


John Bailey was the only African American from Norfolk to serve in WWI and for unknown reasons his name was omitted from the plaque honoring all veterans when the WWI monument was erected in 1921. It was added this year as part of the monument’s restoration commissioned by the Norfolk Community Association. Visit Norfolk’s Memorial Green to see this and the beautiful restoration work. #HonoringJuneteenth
Francis Miller and his assistant Jacqueline Lewis prepare the final stages of Norfolk’s Alfredo Taylor WW1 memorial restoration for Memorial Day.

A Closeup look at the newly restored plaque at Memorial Green’s WW1  monument of solemn remembrance.

A spectacular sunset over the Norfolk Village Green’s Holiday lights. Now all we need is a little snow!
The regal lamps flanking Battell Fountain are getting reassembled, highlighted by their glorious crowns. Thank you Francis Miller!

Francis Miller is working his way up! The bronze work at the top of Battell Fountain is getting his full attention as he nears completion of Norfolk’s beloved fountain.

Sculptor, Christoph Hennings, puts his finishing touches on the repaired lion’s jaw at Battell Fountain. Amazing workmanship!
The repair of the broken jaw on Battell Fountain’s lion begins with master sculptor Christoph Henning’s mold of the fracture points so he can expertly carve a matching granite replacement. Stay tuned for the grand finale!

Francis Miller hand picked stones to replicate the Battell Fountain foundation. Part of its total restoration nearing completion!

The NCA’s first ever total restoration of 132 year Battell Fountain is in the capable hands of historic preservationist Francis Miller seen here working in 90 degree heat tend to even the smallest detail.
Throughly cleaning the beautiful granite stone work is an essential part of the process.

The Augustus Saint-Gaudens bronze work will undergo cleaning and waxing.

The Norfolk town crew was so helpful when heavy lifting was needed.
As part of the restoration, a precise and talented sculptor will recreate the jaw of the lion which was badly damaged in a truck accident. The fountain’s water flows into the main basin from the mouth of the lion.

Leaving no stone unturned, our preservationists are reworking the stone base at the fountain to make it level and more secure.

Hidden treasures?? When every tiny crevice is cleaned and scraped  one never knows what they might find. What do you think the story is behind this ring found buried in one of the deep crevices of Battell Fountain! Very pretty but not a real diamond.
Welcome to Norfolk! 
Our town crew provided us with these large granite  stones which will act as a retaining wall for the welcome-to-Norfolk gardens which will be 
planted this summer. All this is coordinated by Association volunteers Marie Lowe and Christina Vanderlip.

Just in time for Memorial Day: Karl Munson, stone restoration expert, gives a discerning look at his work on the steps of the Alfredo Taylor WW1 Memorial which for many years were in total disrepair. Thanks to local support given to the Norfolk Community Association’s Monuments Restoration Project the entire monument will be restored for this year‘s 100th Anniversary.

May 16, 2021: Back in all its glory is our unique-to-Norfolk fully restored hand painted sign. Thank you, Madeline Falk. Thank you Norfolk town crew. Thank you Norfolk Community Association donors.
May 10, 2021: Norfolk’s Town crew members Joe Green and Tom Gorski reinstalled our unique hand painted directional sign on the Village Green just in time for Spring. The Norfolk Community Association funded the project and local artist Madeline Falk did a magnificent restoration over the winter. Luckily, the sign was already down last Fall when a vehicle slammed into the site while swerving to avoid a bear! Next time you’re on the Village Green, take a closer look. This charming facsimile of the original is a Norfolk must-see.

Something is missing in Norfolk. Our beautiful hand-painted sign on the Village Green is out being restored by local artist Madeline Falk. Look for its return soon.

The NCA is the funding the restoration of the steps leading down to the WWI monument on Memorial Green. Once they are complete, historic preservation work on the actual Alfredo Taylor monument will begin.
Replacement of these eight formerly magnificent evergreens on Memorial Green is in the NCA’s plan for 2020. The Memorial Green will once again be a visually welcoming public space in Norfolk.

Something is missing in Norfolk. Our beautiful hand-painted sign on the Village Green is out being restored by local artist Madeline Falk. Look for its return soon.

The NCA is planning to re-light the famous Alfredo Taylor railroad lanterns this year. Look for them on an evening stroll around the Village Green in the coming months.
In 2020, the NCA once again celebrated Memorial Day with this fitting flag display as a tribute to Norfolk’s fallen heroes.

John Bailey's name was added to the memorial.